William Desportes

I'm a


Welcome to my website !
I am an autodidact developer, I love to maintain and improve code.
I hope you will enjoy my website and see interesting things.
(I forgot to say I buy domain names, just like collecting stamps ^^)

Languages and tools

Here are some of the languages and tools I use and have good knowledge about.




Framework PHP


Node JS


Open-source projects

This open-source projects I maintain or collaborate to.



A lib that brings Twig i18n with .mo, .po files support.


A lib that gives you documentation links and data for your MariaDb/MySQL server variables.
Currently used in phpMyAdmin.

 Long term support


An API documentation generator, previously named Sami.
It was abandonned since a long time, I took up maintenance with a fork.
Currently used by Laravel and Silverstripe CMS


A fork of a lib to send push-notifications.
The author did not respond onto, I forked it and maintain it.


Some facts.


I created my first email in 2010 at Laposte.net.


I created my account in 2012.

First domain name

I created wdes.fr in 2014.

First company

I created my first french company "Wdes SAS" in 2017.

First job

I did join a company for my first job in 2018.

Second domain name

I bought in 2018 wdes.eu from it's owner.

Became a Debian Maintainer

After a lot of packaging work at Debian, I asked to be a Debian Maintainer.

Started to be a freelance

I decided to work differently and started to be a freelance in January of 2021. Company number: 89119884800014

My company starts business

My company did start business in October of 2021.


Here is my professional and coding resume


William Desportes

I am a web developer, specialized in the PHP language

Professional Experience


2018 - 2020

Full-stack developer

Ma mission chez Needone en tant que développeur full-stack était d'assurer la maintenance de marketplaces ainsi que de participer à leur création.J'ai également réalisé des tâches dev-ops.


2018 - ∞

Full-stack developer

Depuis 2018 je suis membre de la team phpMyAdmin, j'y ai contribué sur mon temps libre jusqu'en 2021. Désormais je travaille pour phpMyAdmin la majorité de mon temps en tant que freelance.

Open-Source & Coding Experience

Created my first PHP website


I copied and modified existing PHP/HTML code

Created my hostinger Account

05 11 2013 (but probably one year before)

Starting to discover hosting services

First website for someone else


I started re-building a website that a teacher at my school had

Joined GitHub

June 3, 2014

Starting to discover Git

First VPS


An OVH VPS on CentOS for 1.99€/month

Created one of my first websites on Tumblr

19 Jan 2015

I edited the HTML code in Tumblr, that where my first HTML steps

Creating Minecraft launchers

June 2015

My first steps in Java

Playing Minecraft online on Egyptus


Discovering PHP and Java code by reading source code

Created my GPG key

12 05 2015

Starting to sign my Git commits and tags with it

Created my first Git repositories

19 Jun 2015

For my minecraft launchers

Published my first Android app on the Google Play store

20 Nov 2016

This was an app to read launch menus that I parsed out from PDFs

Created the Wdes GitHub org

12 Feb 2017

To own the wdes namespace

Created my first GitHub pull-request

3 Nov 2017

On the JS mysql2 lib

Forked the phpMyAdmin project

26 Dec 2017

I probably intended to start contributing

I created my first open-source repository/tool

6 Apr 2018

To backup my MySQL database on my RaspberryPi

My first contributions to phpMyAdmin

May 2018

Some bug fixes and enhancements

Created mariadb-mysql-kbs

6 Jun 2018

To extract some data from phpMyAdmin files and automate the updates

Joined the phpMyAdmin org !

5 Sep 2018

I joined the phpMyAdmin org, quite a milestone !!


More stories to tell. (I plan to move out this list on another page because it is quite long and have way too much items after 2018 to tell)